Our way to your new dream campervan

Your request to us
for your camper conversion
Step 1

We shall yours make your dream camper come true? With pleasure! In order to get a first impression of the project, we created a questionnaire for the individual camper conversion. Describe your project as good as possible and we will come back to you with more detailed questions.


Already have a camper? And are you looking for a new piece of furniture or an upgrade to your campervan? Then we need a short description of the current state and what you imagine for the target state. You are also welcome to send us pictures of your camper and also of inspirational examples that should form the basis for your camper conversion. 

You can also directly contact us by mail!

Questions & Answers
Step 2

We will give you a feedbackon your questionnaire or your inquiry by e-mail. There will certainly be one or two queries and questions of understanding from our side.

With our experience, we are also happy to advise you on the most important decisions and above all also the possibilities, as far as the ideal camper conversion is concerned.

The base vehicle
The project on 4 wheels
Step 3

In order to be able to go into the detailed planning, a base vehicleis needed. Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato, VW T5/T6 or a Citroen Berlingo?

Either you already have a set of wheels that should be converted, or we help you when looking for the ideal transporter or van for the camper build.

Conversion planning in detail
Get down to the business
Step 4

If the base vehicle is known, we will make based on your information and wishes a first advanced planning. We can also give you an indicative quote for the conversion project!

In the next step we sit down in our office and discuss the detailed solution for the camper conversion.

The offer
Acceptance of the offer and deposit
Step 5

After we have discussed all the conversion details, such as material and layout variants, exchanged and found an agreement , we will create a specific project offerfor you. All conversion steps are listed separately, the terms and conditions are also mentioned. This will be the basis for the upcoming project.

Don't worry, if there are any changes or new ideas during the build, we can implement them on the fly.

When we agree to the project, we also agree on a time slot for the camper build and start with necessary preparations after the down payment was made.

The camper conversion
Sit back and have a cup of tea
Step 6

Now the part that is relaxed for you and yet so exciting starts: the conversion phase.

You bring us your vehicle at the agreed time and date. The necessary material for your build at the time already in stock and we get to the work.

We go from rough to fine and start with body work, such as installing windows and skylights or an auxiliary heater. This is followed by the preparation for the electrical installations in the camper and also work on the interior fittings including insulation. From now the Basic vehicle starts to get homely! The freestyle selection follows at furniture making with individually welded water tanks and a mattress made to measure. 

The delivery
The wait is finally over
Step 7

You're definitely waiting for your home on wheels as tense as a streak. Depending on the project, this sometimes takes more or less time, but last but not least we will hand over your dream camper..

All agreed project points have been implemented and we go through the camper build together step by step. The most important thing for us is that you leave with a big smile and until now we never have experienced anything else! 😉

The adventure begins
Vanlife and wanderlust
Step 8

With your new camper you can now throw yourself into the next adventure. We wish you a good and safe journey!

If you have any questions, we are of course always available and look forward to a feedback from you! Happy camping!