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The Pandora Watch 2 can control the car via Bluetooth 5.0 (arm/disarm, start/stop the engine, use the watch as a transponder), receive full event history from the car and receive alarm information. In addition, the Pandora Watch 2 can also sync with a smartphone and provide the functionality of a regular smartwatch. However, first and foremost, this product is a smart watch that provides full control over the beloved vehicle. 

The watch is made of milled titanium, high-quality plastic and sealing components.

The Pandora Watch 2 is:

  • Control of safety system and car: arming / disarming, remote engine start, etc.
  • Directly protected control channel for Pandora security systems;
  • Functions of an immobiliser / anti-hi-jack transponder;
  • 1.4′ display with a resolution of 300 × 320 pixels;
  • A modern ARM processor;
  • Bluetooth 5.0;
  • High-precision GPS / GLONASS receiver;
  • large battery with original Pandora operating system made it possible to achieve a battery life of up to 10 days with constant screen display!
  • Synchronisation with a smartphone, receiving notifications (calls, SMS, PUSH, e-mail, etc.) possible;
  • Titanium housing and quick-change straps