Auxiliary heating in the camper



The auxiliary heating in the camper usually burns diesel, either directly from the existing diesel tank or is taken from an additional tank.


Air is circulated from the camper interior to heat it up and then over the warm air duct back into the camper. 

The air intake for the combustion chamber and the exhaust pipe are routed separately under the floor, so that maximum safety during operation is guaranteed!

the Autoterm Air 2D is no longer made in Russia, but has its new production site in the EU, more precisely Lithuania.


It remains the most reliable and compact air heater on the market. In one hour, an air volume of up to 75 m³ is heated with 2 kW heat output. In doing so, max. 0.25 liters of diesel consumed per hour.



The heaters are equipped with a brushless induction motor, which is not only for longevity, but also a low noise level. We also install the heaters with one altitude kit. Thus, operation at over 2,500 m above sea level is possible. M. possible without undesired soot formation. Users even report tests in Chile at over 5,000 m above sea level. M. – the heating runs like clockwork.



Own the heaters ECE test mark and are therefore free of registration. 

Many older vehicle models and also vehicles from certain manufacturers, such as Toyota, fill up with petrol. We therefore offer the installation of Webasto parking heaters that run on petrol. 


The functions, controls and also the mounting options are with the diesel parking heater comparable

The Autoterm 2D heats with an output of 2kW. This is entirely sufficient for small campers the transporter size. A larger heater would always run at the lower power level, which reduces the longevity.



At a larger van from L2H2 we recommend the installation of one 4D Auxiliary heating with branched hot air ducting to be well prepared against the cold even on days with double-digit minus temperatures.


For all parking heaters we recommend a regular burnout by operating at full power for at least 30 minutes.


the Webasto petrol air heater is available in power ratings of 2 kW, 3.5 kW and 5 kW.

The auxiliary heater can be installed both in the vehicle interior and under the vehicle space saving be mounted underfloor. For example, depending on the vehicle model, the heater can be located under the passenger seat be mounted, with the air vent pivoting towards the passenger compartment. 


our recommendation: Indoor installation


If a different installation location is desired, we must check the options for the vehicle in each case, as installation is not technically possible everywhere.

We prefer to mount the control panel on the B pillar above the passenger seat belt. If you want a different installation location, this is also no problem.


The Autoterm can be configured with 3 different control panels.


That PU-5 is simply and practically equipped with a rotary control. There is ventilation and power mode for heating the room as quickly as possible. The auxiliary heater operates continuously at the set power level. An external temperature sensor can be retrofitted for further adjustment options.


The control panel PU-27 with OLED display has a menu in Russian or English, where you can heat in temperature or power mode. A temperature sensor is directly integrated in the control panel.


The newest control element comfort control is not only smaller than its predecessors, but also offers new functions. With three freely adjustable timers for any day of the week, extended heating modes (incl. thermostat mode) and, among other things, voltage monitoring, the heater with OLED display is operated via the multifunction rotary wheel. In addition, there is a menu in German.

We offer the option for the VW T5, T6 and T6.1 original VW warm air duct to be repaired during heating installation. For this purpose, the paneling parts of the B-pillar and the entrance step are adjusted accordingly by the front passenger.

The installation of an original air duct is only possible on Volkswagen models.

The auto term air heater such as water heater are not only popular in the camper and caravanning sectors, but also in boat building. We read error memories, service and repair all models of Autoterm parking heaters:


Auoterm Air 2D (formerly Planar 2D), Air 4D, Air 9D , Flow 5D (formerly Binar 5) 

and Webasto Airtop 2000 STC, Evo series. 


We are currently not installing Eberspächer parking heaters, but we can certainly provide you with first aid if you have problems.



In order to use the camper in all seasons, you need a parking heater. In winter, this ensures a comfortable room temperature, while in summer you can also brave a cold night at high altitude. Or simply to combat the humidity in the camper with warm, dry air.

Our basic package

◊ Autoterm 2D with Comfort Control

◊ incl. altitude kit, tank removal

◊ Optional underfloor installation, hot air duct

from 2099 CHF