Seats, bench and swivel consoles



from CHF 6,500 (incl. assembly and registration)

If the seating requirement is greater, a second row of seats can be retrofitted. 

Here there is the possibility of a Bench with bench seat or individual pilot seats. The seats can be fitted with Isofix be equipped and are in accordance with all Requirements tested. Optionally, the second row of seats can also be mounted on rails / airliner rails to enable shifting.

Whether bench seats or pilot seats on rails, maybe even a Sleeping bench. There are various possibilities and options for a wide range of vehicle models. Depending on the manufacturer, the mounting location may be specified, which should be taken into account when planning the conversion.

Pilot seats in the camper or van


from CHF 7,500 (incl. installation and registration)

The sleeping bench combines two functions: during the journey it serves as an approved bench seat with 2 to 3 SeatsWhen stationary, it can be converted into a Lying surfacebed. Depending on the concept of an extension, new seating and sleeping places are thus created.

We offer different options for the installation of a sleeper bench.


FIXED position. For those who don't like the look and don't need the function of rails, the sleeping bench in a fixed position be mounted. This is done either with the help of a steel frame or a carrier plate directly on the body floor. In the next step, a floor plate can be adapted accordingly.


AIRLINER rails. Sometimes it is useful to adjust the sleeping bench to different positions. moveThe sleeping bench can be placed on so-called "sleeping seats" in order to optimally use the limited space in the camper for one's own needs. For this purpose, the sleeping bench can be mounted on so-called Airliner Rails which in turn are fixed to the body floor. The floor plate must be adapted accordingly to the rail system and the seat frame.


ULTRALIGHT base plate with rails. In order to reduce the additional effort of adapting the camper floor, we also offer the option of using a finished floor including rails / airliner rails. This is a ultra light floor, the assembly of which is also approved in accordance with ECE requirements with the rails and sleeping bench.

Citroen Jumper

Mercedes Sprinter / Vito

Fiat Ducato

Ford Transit / Tourneo

Opel Vivaro / Movano

Peugeot Boxer

Renault Trafic / Master

VW T4, T5, T6, T6.1 / Crafter

Mobiframe Sleeper Bench


from CHF 2,500 (exchange of double seat for single seat)

The double bench seat for the front passenger is not always the ideal option for a conversion. We have the option to exchange the double seat bench for a single seat. If the old driver's seat or passenger seat is no longer good enough, these can also be exchanged for new seats.

Vans or panel vans are usually chosen as the base vehicles for a camper van. On the second-hand market, you can find vehicles that are mostly equipped with a Double passenger seat are equipped. Does it make sense to exchange it for a single seat?

PRO. The single passenger seat is certainly a good deal more comfortable than the double bench seat. On long journeys, this is a noticeable argument for the exchange. In addition, you can walk out of the driver's cabin into the load compartment or living area without opening a door and remain in torrential weather in the dry.

CONTRA. The double bench seat allows three people to sit instead of two, provided no additional rows of seats are available to travel with the vehicle. This can be an advantage, especially for a small family. In addition, retaining the double bench seat also results in new layouts for your conversion, e.g. a continuous kitchenette behind the first row of seats. 

In the Mercedes Sprinter, the double seat bench was exchanged for a single seat in a matching colour


from 700 CHF (incl. assembly and registration)

It is possible to equip the single seat ex works from the manufacturer with Rotation function to be configured. If this is not the case with your vehicle, a rotary unit can be fitted between the seat support and the seat. The installation of the console does not affect the function of the seat heating or other vehicle systems.

Double seat swivel console