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Autonomous tracker

(54 x 45 x 18 mm, 60 g)

The integrated interfaces can be used to locate the tracker using the GPS / GLONASS or LBS service, monitor the environment and object status using the integrated microphone. The device is managed using SMS commands and the coordinates for detecting movement are captured by the built-in accelerometer. The tracker can also be configured via a Bluetooth wireless connection.

A special application and secure website provide information about the status, location and movement of the device, making it as easy as possible to use. Sophisticated functional and modern components help to use the tracking system safely and comfortably.

Selection modes


Beacon mode

The device is in sleep mode most of the time to save the built-in battery. The tracker wakes up with a preset periodicity or through the motion sensor to send its location and status to the owner.


tracking mode

The device is permanently online in this mode. The tracker determines the current coordinates with a certain accuracy and sends them to the server to form the tracking of the object movement. This mode also provides access to the Listening function to perform audio control via the built-in microphone.


The tracker uses standard AAA size batteries. The runtime is up to 3 years.