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Pandora tracers

The Tracer is not just one GPS tracking device with integrated battery but has many more functions. Due to its small design, it fits in small vehicles and, thanks to the simple programming, is also suitable for self installer

GPS trackers:

The Tracer records every single trip and can be used optimally as a tachograph. In addition, all statistical evaluations of time and distance can be evaluated.

Alarm functions:

If the tracer moves without an authorization device, there is a push message on the smartphone.

Thanks to the built-in shock and tilt sensor, the tracer also reports other movements such as attempted break-ins or bumps when parked.

Thanks to the integrated battery, it recognizes a power failure in the starter battery and is able to send the GPS coordinates to the smartphone for a longer period of time.


With an additional Bluetooth relay it is possible to implement an immobilizer. This can then only be bridged with an additional transponder and thus protects the car from theft.

Control of the heater:

With the Tracer it is possible to switch on the parking heater via an app. 

Pandora tracers