Probably the most versatile bin for campers

The Danish Flextrash - where rubbish meets buckets!

In the meantime, there are a lot of frills and mumbo jumbo in the camping sector, too, that are decorated with fairy lights and macramé pendants. vervanlifed is. But at the same time, there are gadgets and camping items that are actually convincing and one of them is the Flextrash waste bin system for Car drivers, boat owners and especially for campers!

But first of all, why is the topic rubbish an important issue, especially when camping? 

Campers often move close to nature and far away from civilised infrastructure, so it can be a problem to get rid of their rubbish. And if you're going around with your rubbish, it should at least be nicely packaged. And that Danish design by Flextrash has fully met our taste! 

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The Flextrash - waste bin for campers with a system

These waste bins are a type of Waste management system. This consists of a fabric waste bin made from old plastic bottles, and Different clipswhich are flexible and the use of the bin in almost every situation make it possible. Cotton pads in the bathroom, that's possible with Wallmount. Napkins at the barbecue, that's where the Campstick comes in handy. But if you prefer to be on the road in your car, the Dashclip is perfect. The Utility is therefore not only available when camping, at the hut, during the car journey or when boating, but also still at home.

Disposing of rubbish on the road is not always easy
Eight different mounting options for a waste bin

Flextrash in use

When we go camping, at least we always separate our rubbish. is the order of the day. PET and glass are usually thrown into the shoe box because they are quite "clean", and cardboard is not even collected if possible. In Europe, however, these dry wastes are not problematic to dispose of and do not belong in our Flextrash. What has happened so far in the less pretty plastic bagwhich ended up hanging on the passenger armrest, is now more beautifully packaged with the Flextrash. When the TrashbagsWhen the containers are empty, which by the way can also be rinsed out and reused, they can also be used for other purposes via the tensioning rubber integrated in the lid.  attach the typical "fruit plastic bags" in the Flextrash and voilà. Residual waste supplied with style.

The dustbin

Made of woven fabric, the bin is available in Three different sizesS with 3 litresM with 5 litres and L with 9 litres. The small S is probably best suited for the driver's cabin or in the bathroom, while the Size L as residual waste storage perfect in the camper van and on the campsite. The sack can be stored via a Open zipper at the sideso that you can easily remove the bin liner. If something does go wrong, the fabric can simply be removed via the Velcro fastener to the lid and the bin liner can be removed again. wash up to 30 °C.

The head of the whole thing is the lid, which enables the bin to be filled with 8 differentVarious clips to combine! One for all, all for one, or something.

The clips


The bin liners aka Trashbags are not plasticbut from Sugar cane and of course fit perfectly into the Flextrash, who would have expected it. The rim is finished with a Tensioning rubber cordedso that nothing can slip when you put the lid on. Of course, you can also use conventional rubbish bags instead of the Trashbag. However, if you still want it to look aesthetically pleasing, then the Trashbag goes Hand in hand with his Flextrash. Thanks to the robust material, you can use the bin liners several times without any problems - just rinse them briefly and you're ready to go!

Well, convinced?

With us at the Shop there is a large selection of colours and anyone who would like to touch the Flextrash beforehand is also welcome to visit us in the showroom!