Interior trim and insulation

Insulated, felted, paneled



We use insulation material with industry standardthat cannot absorb water, does not mold and does not release any pollutants into the environment.



Armaflex ® is a flexible thermal insulation material rubber. It reduces losses in heating, sanitary and hot water installations and prevents condensation in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Originally not invented for use in campers, but ideally suited for it. Well insulated is half the battle. Because not only does the heat stay inside in winter, but the heat in summer also stays outside comparatively.



We insulate the camper floor, roof lining and side walls including doors as standard.

We like to insulate with Armaflex because it not only provides ideal thermal insulation, but also an ideal one sound insulation offers. The noises from outside are heavily insulated in the interior, which is not only pleasant when sleeping in the camper, but also when driving for a strong one Reduction of driving noise cares.


In the case of box vans with large sheet metal surfaces, aluminum butyl be used to stabilize vibrations and thus reduce the noise level while driving.

There is a possibility of isolation of the camper alternative insulation materials to fall back.


We do not recommend Styrofoam (EPS), Styrodur (XPS) and mineral wool (rock wool, glass wool) for the insulation of a camper. On the one hand, the processing in the camper is only possible to a limited extent, on the other hand, there are no sound-insulating properties.


An alternative to synthetic rubber is insulation with hemp, Cork or sheep wool, as renewable and natural raw materials. Since some of the materials are open-pored, a vapor barrier is urgently needed to prevent mold growth.



Armaflex XG

Well insulated, that's half the battle. Even if insulation does not ensure a warm camper in winter, the warmth will definitely stay longer. Another often forgotten added value of insulation is soundproofing while driving and staying in the camper. Who wants to hear the campsite neighbors snoring?

Our basic package

◊ Insulation with 19 mm Armaflex XG

◊ Incl. sides, roof, doors

from 1299 CHF
felt campers

inner space FELTING

Since the vans and vans used for the camper expansion do not have one Interior lining are made of plastic, you are literally exposed to bare steel in living areas.


Depending on the vehicle condition and paint color, this is sometimes more or less beautiful. In addition, the metal surface forms cold bridges, so that condensation of humidity occurs at low temperatures.


the Covering with felt not only minimizes cold bridges, but it ensures a comfortable living atmosphere. The soft fabric is not only pleasant to the touch, but also robust. 

Ideally, we will frisk your camper before window or roof hatches are installed. This reduces the workload for us clean finish to the window. 


Felting the tailgate, wing doors or sliding doors takes more time and material than for the interior surfaces. Depending on the taste or color of the paint, this step can therefore be omitted. If you want optical perfection, you get it from us complete felt program

The felt has proven itself when lining camper interiors, as it is characterized by the good extensibility can be ideally adapted to the bodywork.


We are also happy to clad interiors with alternative fabrics and materials, provided they have comparable properties. We also offer for surfaces that are not three-dimensionally shaped microfiber or faux leather / Alcantara for the interior lining.

We make the cold sheet metal walls of your camper vanish under a soft felt dress. No more condensation in the morning on top!

Our basic package (e.g. small transporter)

◊ Felt of your choice (6 colors)

◊ Side walls complete

◊ optional doors, original side panels in wood

from 1699 CHF


Due to the cavities in the body, such as the tailgate or sliding door, some of the interior must be interior panels made of composite material or wood. 


You can use the original panels by felting them to match the body.

If a completely felted camper is too much of a good thing, we offer the side panels and the Wooden headliner to manufacture. 


The use of veneered material made of oak or ash is particularly aesthetic. We seal the surfaces as standard hardwax oil, whereby the color can also be changed by staining or painting can be carried out if desired.

Especially with large panel vans, not all are body openings covered with fairings. We close these with custom-made cladding parts.


inspection openings, for example to replace the bulbs in the rear lights, we disguise them in such a way that they can be accessed without much effort if necessary.

50shades_light concept

The camper is a one-room apartment, a home on wheels, a piece of designer art. In order to set accents in the felted interior, we manufacture wooden panels / wooden cladding from finely veneered oak, ash or walnut. These are mounted with the original clips.

Our basic package

◊ Side walls T6 incl. doors

◊ Oak veneer, treated

from CHF 1999