Dry separating toilet – just a separating toilet or is there something to it?

Dry separating toilet - just a separating toilet or is there something to it?

When nature calls, nobody wants it to be. Of the Going to the toilet while camping was also a little-addressed topic for a long time. After all, who likes to talk about chairs in public? The separation toilet has now made the topic socially acceptable.

Caravaning vs van life

The large caravans are usually equipped with a fully-fledged Wet cell including chemical toilet equipped, which takes care of the foul-smelling issue at the disposal station. At least when the caravanists drive to the appropriate disposal stations! We've seen it all...unfortunately. Of the Classic Bulli & Co, which is currently experiencing its renaissance, however, has to take up space usually without a toilet to travel. If there isn't a café or a public toilet nearby, it quickly becomes bush, forest or meadow.

Nature is calling! But certainly after us campers...

The dose makes the poison

When hiking or generally when out and about squeezes the bubble every once. Anyone who claims the opposite only insists on alternative facts. And if in a forest or on a mountain (but please not directly on the via ferrata!?) you pull blank, then it's usually not a problem. Statistically, once a year someone pees on the tree or crouches behind the bush, the next rain and that nature takes care then the rest. But if then suddenly every day one comes and unloads its ballast, then that's it Just have fun. And since the community and parking space apps sometimes drive to individual places with high frequency, it is actually becoming unbearable for everyone involved.

Camping in all situations

I myself spent a year in a camper during the week. The parking space was right on the outskirts of Munich and partly frequented by truck drivers or in the back area by me and my 3 anonymous camper buddies. From there, many people also started their bike or running tours in the surrounding nature, so that quite a few people were out and about during the day. And I'll tell you, when summer came, they were Bushes full of pee paper and other rubbish.

Have fun next time

With long working days and the resulting access to the infrastructure, that was it precarious topic no problem for me during the day. But in the evening, when I stood on my usual parking space, the bladder was full at some point. However, since I was a regular at the pitch, it's one for me Concern been him so clean to leave it as I found it. Simply not to provide a platform for any complaints. That's why I bought a small Porta-Potti. this is a Miniature chemical toilet. The camper buddies didn't leave their campers after parking either, so I assume that something similar was on board as well. So where did all the pee paper come from? Not by the campers in any case.

chemical toilet

They come in all sizes and designs, but the principle is always the same. toilet lid open, tank partition up, squat down and go. All excretions are in one black water tank collected, rinsed with rinsing water and then hermetically sealed again with the partition to the tank. The rinsing water can be spiced up with scented water and the said chemistry comes into the black water tank, which on the one hand the decomposition of the Solid components (including toilet paper) should accelerate and on the other hand provides fragrance and disinfection. There are now supposedly ecological products that are supposed to legitimize disposal in the regular drain, but the rest should only do it designated disposal points.

There used to be a chemical toilet...guess what is being installed instead...?

Chemical toilet Light

Anyone who is satisfied with just doing Number One on the toilet will sometimes come completely without chemicals out. I myself had only worked with vinegar as a "chemical" alternative and some organic universal cleaner. After 3 to 4 days, even in hot midsummer, ka problem with smell and I could dispose of the contents of the tank in the toilet at home with a clear conscience. The modern or newly marketed urine-diverting toilets are based on the same idea, i.e. only one aggregate state per container.

Dry Separating Toilet

The purpose of the dry composting toilet is, as the name suggests, the Separation of solid and liquid excretions. Through a urine separator, which is located in the front part of the toilet construction, the liquid is collected in a canister provided for this purpose. There is another one for anatomical reasons container with a sachet provided at the rear of the toilet. Exaggerated conclusion: we have evolved from dogs and defecate directly into a bag. The urine container can be adjusted accordingly without the addition of chemicals easily poured down the drain, but what to do with the now filled bag?

Urine separator in the separation toilet
Containers for liquids

Urine separator at the front, a container with a bag at the back

Residual waste is not the same as residual waste

Yes the Disgust with feces is deeply rooted in our society. At least in front of those who don't own it is understandable. That's why I'm not really convinced of the idea of just throwing the "bag" into the residual waste. Somewhere the garbage is loaded, sometimes bags tear open and oh, that Landfill Scenario don't even want to imagine. On the other hand, the litter from the litter box is also thrown away with the residual waste and thank heavens the dog owners now also consistently collect the legacies – and dispose of them in the designated rubbish bin. So is it really ok to just toss Number Two in the bag with the residual waste? You can, but if you should… I don't know.

utopia of composting

Since that disposal issue also from the different manufacturers running the gauntlet is often referred to the possibility of "composting". Either via your own compost or at a compost collection point. If you are traveling with a camper, you usually don’t have your compost with you…the bulging bag is definitely going to be carried around with you for the entire van life trip not the golden solution. And honestly, would you want to dispose of your residual waste in your own compost? Then only the compost collection point remains. But I don't really want to try whether my bags will be welcomed there with open arms. 

The dry composting toilets are already available in a small format - so no more excuses!

Half solution with potential for relieving

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to denigrate any concept here. One at most Streamline trend. The idea is great and the environmental concerns commendable, but the feasibility to the full extent is not quite clear to me. That's why the toilet in the camper, whether it's a porta-potti or a separate toilet, is and will always be on quiet place exclusive of urination Reserved. Solid waste still belongs in one Toilet with sewage connection, eg in the nearest restaurant or café. If an emergency occurs, then the separation toilet is certainly the means of choice, but you try to avoid it. 

Trend with a positive effect

Of the sudden hype about the dry composting toilet doesn't necessarily pull me for my use case. In direct comparison to the classic, there is basically no difference for me when going to the toilet. Still, I think it's great that it's finally being talked about at all! And if it takes umpteen Youtube influencers to get the rest of “us” vanlifers from one toilet on board, then the means do honor the end. The most important thing in camper life is that sustainable treatment of the environment and the resources. The many campers who are currently on the road have long since ceased to be isolated cases. Trends like this are therefore needed to make camping a pleasant experience for everyone involved in the long term.

The composting toilet is retrofitted! Almost as if it was never different 🙂

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