Floor plate in the camper

Solid ground under your feet


Vinyl flooring in the VW T6

Floor in the CAMPER

We adapt your base plate to the vehicle contour on the fly.


Shouldn't the floor rest directly on the ribs of the vehicle body? No problem, we fit that standard measure according to your wish.


Is paneling planned and the old floor panel no longer fits? We will the Contour of the camper floor adapt to the interior lining.


Do I only want to add a floor panel to certain areas in the camper or replace part of the existing floor panelling? We will the base plate adapt to your expansion.

The flooring is an important part of the whole interior designs. There are three material classes to choose from: linoleum, i.e. PVC flooring, vinyl flooring and real wood flooring.


During the PVC floor is very light and easy to lay as rolled goods, a qualitative one awaits vinyl floor with a higher dead weight with excellent haptics. The noble class of wood, of course, can be used on a veneered wooden floor or that herringbone parquet don't give up. With the right care, this is also a nice solution for the perfect floor covering in the camper.

If the floor panel is now adapted to the vehicle contour and the floor covering is glued, the floor can either be inserted or fixed in the vehicle will.


If possible, we use the original ones anchor points, so that the base plate can be dismantled again non-destructively if necessary.


the end strips can be made of aluminum or real wood. If necessary, we also install an elevated one step and the appropriate one lock carrier in the original design.

Even in the camper you have to have your feet on solid ground. The best way to do this is with the adapted base plate and a selected floor covering!

Our basic package (e.g. VW T6)

◊ Plywood 10 – 12 mm

◊ Sealed waterproof

◊ Option: flooring, finishes

from 999 CHF

Warmth FEET

We use insulation material with industry standardthat cannot absorb water, does not mold and does not release any pollutants into the environment.


Armaflex ® is a flexible thermal insulation material rubber. It reduces losses in heating, sanitary and hot water installations and prevents condensation in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Originally not invented for use in campers, but ideally suited for it. Well insulated is half the battle.


We insulate the floor of the camper as standard. If your camper already has a floor, we need to check whether it is glued or easily removable. 

We like to insulate with Armaflex because it not only provides ideal thermal insulation, but also an ideal one sound insulation offers. The noises from outside are heavily insulated in the interior, which is not only pleasant when sleeping in the camper, but also when driving for a strong one Reduction of driving noise cares.

Floor insulated with Armaflex

Well insulated, that's half the battle. Even if insulation does not ensure a warm camper in winter, the warmth will definitely stay longer. Insulating the floor is important to avoid cold feet.

Our basic package

◊ Insulation with 19 mm Armaflex XG

◊ Including replacement of floor plate

from 699 CHF