Electrics in the camper



AGM Batteries are one of the all-rounders and are exceptionally well suited in the camper! They can supply large power guzzlers and are completely uncomplicated.


LITHIUM Batteries are extremely powerful and have a very long life expectancy. They are light and have large capacities. The only disadvantages are higher costs and sensitivity to sub-zero temperatures.

Classic sizes in the camper are 75 AH - 230 AH. The question is how long you want to be self-sufficient and how many watts you use per day. In the end, a high-capacity battery is of course more expensive and requires a bit more space in the van.

Camper batteries usually come without in-house mounting points and must be individually fixed in place. With modern camper batteries there is no need for extra Pole terminals more. The cables are screwed directly to the battery.  

Each lithium battery has an integrated battery management system. With it, all important battery information can be read out via smartphone.

Shore power socket


The auxiliary battery can be charged by the engine while driving. On a Road trip so you don't need to worry about power. The gentle charging of the 2nd battery is best done with a DC-DC charger.


Charging while driving

◊ Charging line

◊ Charging booster

◊ Mounting included

from 999 CHF

If you ever have to stay longer on a Pitch you can recharge the auxiliary battery with a so-called shore power socket. This requires 230 volts, which you can get at home or at almost all campsites.


shore power

  DEFA external socket in the engine compartment

◊ Victron Bluetooth charger min. 5A

◊ Mounting included

from 1199 CHF

If you stand in one place for a longer time and want to independent If you want to be away from any infrastructure, the best way to charge the board battery is with solar power. There are fixed solar panels for the roof or a mobile freestanding solution.




◊ Mobile 180 Watt solar panel

◊ Victron Smart MPPT solar charge controller

◊ Incl. mounting

from 1299 CHF

230 VOLT

Yes! It is not necessary to have a 230V consumer for every 230V board network. There are small mobile inverters that generate a modified sine wave and thus produce 230V from the cigarette lighter. Such an investment is about 100 CHF and it is worth taking a closer look.

The second variant is the availability of 230V via shore power. In other words, a socket in the camper's interior that only emits 230V when the camper is connected to the shore power.

Inverters are available with different wattages. The higher the number, the more space is needed in the camper. Small inverter have 200-500 watts and are suitable for all chargers such as laptops, e-bikes and drones. From 1600 watts, hairdryers, coffee makers and kettles can be supplied.

Most of the time, inverters have other functions such as Bluetooth controlcontrol panel and various chargers are also on board. Just ask us if you have any questions.

Victron Multiplus 500-1600