Camper windows, roof hatches and ventilation



We retrofit sliding windows in vehicles of all makes. 


Our windows are precision-fit and in the original look of the respective vehicle manufacturer. The windows are darkened and made of safety glass. 


These windows are also suitable for replacing a standard glazing with a sliding window without having to make any changes to the existing window cut-out.

We also fit typical camper windows made of glass or plastic and optionally with double glazing, which can be opened by standing them up. The advantage here is that the windows can remain open even when it rains.


Camper windows can also be configured with mosquito netting and blackout blinds.


As a rule, it is not possible to replace standard glazing with a pop-up window.

Dometic frame window

Fresh air and brightness are brought into a camper with windows. The windows are available in various sizes and designs - there is something for everyone!

Our basic package

◊ Tinted sliding window

◊ Incl. mounting

◊ Optionally with mosquito net / roller blind

from 1199 CHF
Dometic Heki


A roof-mounted window not only provides better ventilation for the camper, as warm air rises, but also offers fewer opportunities for uninvited visitors. 


Depending on the version, the roof hatches can be configured with mosquito nets and blackout blinds.

If you want to see the starry sky from your bed at night or simply improve the indoor climate in the camper by dissipating stagnant heat, you need a roof hatch.

Our basic package

◊ small skylight / roof window

◊ Incl. mounting

◊ Optionally with mosquito net / roller blind

from 1049 CHF


It is possible to fit a roof hatch with integrated fan. Opening the window is not always intended.


Due to the continuous removal of air, the climate in the camper always remains pleasant, whereby you can adjust the ventilation level according to your own needs.


If there is no electrical cable for connection, we will retrofit this during installation.

For those who find the roof hatch with fan too large or costly, we offer the option of retrofitting a mechanical fan. This is driven either by the airstream or natural wind when standing, whereby air is transported from the inside to the outside.


Intervention in the vehicle electrics is not necessary here!

Maxxfan roof ventilator
Flettner roof ventilator

At night, more than half a litre of moisture can enter the air through the breathing of two people. When it is cold in the morning, condensation forms on cold bridges such as the car body. Good ventilation therefore not only ensures a good indoor climate, but also protects against moisture damage.

Our basic package

◊ Mechanical roof ventilator

◊ Incl. mounting

from 599 CHF