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Travel habits

In order to find out more about your project idea, wishes and needs, we have created a questionnaire that enables us to get a rough picture of the planned camper build. The request is absolutely non-binding for you. So have fun!

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In order to be able to answer your request, we need to collect your personal data. These are processed exclusively to answer your request and are not passed on to third parties. You can find more information about how we handle your data in the Data protection as well as in our Terms & Conditions.

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Where do you want to go with the camper?
Travel times
What time of year are you traveling?
Duration of travel
How long are you usually away when you are on vacation?
Road condition
Which route profile best suits you?
How much value do you place on being without an external power and water source?
Camper type
What applies most to you?
How long are you going to stay stationary?
Place to stay
Where do you like to be?
Vehicle usage
Should the camper be specially equipped?
Are furry friends coming?
Do you already have a base vehicle that needs to be converted?
Construction year
Available number of seats
Vehicle condition
Describe the condition of the vehicle
Pictures of the vehicle
Show us some pictures of the interior of your vehicle
Maximum file size: 5 GB
Vehicle roof
Should something be changed on the vehicle body?
pop-up roof

How many seats with belts do you need? How are these places divided up in the camper?
New seats, bench & Co.
Do you need to change the seats in the vehicle?
1st row of seats
Supplement to the 1st row of seats
Do you have special requirements or ideas?

2nd row of seats
Supplement to the 2nd row of seats
Do you have special requirements or ideas?

Would you like rotating seats in the driver's cab?
Additional equipment
Does the vehicle require additional equipment?

Basic build

What should the floor look like?
Each of our campers is isolated. The only question is with which insulation material
Interior lining
What should the interior look like?
Ventilation and climate
Would you like to change something on windows & co?

Electrics & heating

Electrical consumers
Which mobile devices should be used/charged in the camper?

230 V consumer
Electrical package
How important is the electrical equipment of the camper for you?
Auxiliary heater
Would you like a heater in your camper?


Would you like a toilet on board?
Does it need a fixed water system?
Does it need a shower?
Hot water
Does it need hot water?
Which sink would you like?
Water tank
How big should the fresh water tank be?

Cooking facility

How much value do you place on cooking in the camper?
Where do you want to cook while camping?
Cooking medium
What would you like to cook with?
Cooling option
Do you need a cooling option?

Sleeping and living

Sleeping places
How many sleeping places does the camper need?
Additional sleeping places
Who are the sleeping places intended for?
Bed length
How long should the bed be at least?
Bed function
How should the bed be integrated into the camper?
Color scheme
Which color scheme would you prefer?
Interior design
What is particularly important to you? Describe a little how the camper should be designed?
Material from furniture construction
Which material would you like to have for furniture and countertops?
What is your priority with your camper?
Do you already have experience with campers or motorhomes?
Which motorhomes do you have experience with?
What did you like?
What did you not like?
Without base vehicle
Target date
Approximately when should your camper be ready?
Project description *
Describe your camper conversion ideas or requirements for the project in a few key points so that we can get a better idea of your expectation!
Vehicle registration card
If available, please upload the vehicle registration document here.
Maximum file size: 5 GB
Sketch for the layout
If you already have concrete ideas, you are welcome to send them to us.
Maximum file size: 5 GB

We'll take our time to look at your questionnaire and get back to you within a week at the latest. Until then, have a good time!