Water system in the camper


(k) a jump into cold water


Whether for washing your hands, brushing your teeth or washing up after dinner. If you don't want to do without the sink like at home, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing.

Only a few campers have a dishwasher. Therefore, the motto applies here Back to the Roots, sponge in hand and off. 


The usual sinks and washbasins from the camping area are practical, but the look is a matter of taste. So we found the opportunity high quality sinks Modify in style for camper use. So we have no limits!


stainless steel matt or polished to a high gloss, plastic, siligranit or, if the payload allows, ceramic – we can do it all materials to process. 


If the old kitchenette is no longer in good condition, we will be happy to advise you on options and take care of one refurbishment

As a rule, the kitchenettes in the camper have only one cold water connection. Depending on the water system, there must also be a microswitch for the pump. The selection of standard camping fittings is not large and the material used is plastic. the optics and longevity therefore does not appeal to every expansion.


We only use stainless steel taps for our fittings, which are due to the appropriate design of the water system without external or integrated micro switch function. 


On request we can also put one in the sink retractable faucet build in your kitchen.

Grohe washbasin
Manufacture of a PEHD water tank


For one, the water bottle is enough for an emergency, the other needs a reserve of 100 liters of fresh water. With an individual expansion, we can respond to all wishes and needs.

Fresh water in the camper is a small luxury that you can treat yourself to. However, space in the camper is always limited, so proper placement is one space-saving Water tanks there A and O when expanding the camper.


We weld to make ideal use of corners and niches or empty spaces that cannot be reached through beds and wheel arches Water tanks made of PE-HD to measure.


To fill the water tanks you can choose between a filler neck in the body, in the interior or in a pump system Select.


For the waste water tank, the outlet can be opened and closed via a valve as standard. All tanks are included inspection opening, overflow as well as loading and ventilation fitted.

Not everyone needs oodles of water on board or has an expansion of the use of mobile water canisters allows. We offer canisters in all sizes and shapes.


If required we can modify the canisters for use with a pressurized water system and a quick swap to allow for several water canisters.

Depending on the use and interior planning of the camper, a large water tank no longer fits in the extension. no problem we can Fresh and waste water tanks can also be installed under the floor, so that nothing stands in the way of furniture planning.


Above all in the winter and since with longer standing times you run the risk of water on board freezing and damaging the tank. To avoid this, it is worth the Isolation of water tanks also indoors. If you want additional security, we also recommend a heatable water tank. 


Of the heated water tank should not be confused with hot water in this case. The heater is designed to start heating automatically at a limit temperature and prevents the water temperature from falling below a critical value. Both fresh and waste water tanks can be heated.

Especially with integrated water tanks, you cannot see with the naked eye how much water is left in the fresh water tank and how much gray water has already flowed into the waste water tank.


For this we assemble digital level indicators, which show you the current water level.


The water in the tank is pumped to the fitting. There are two ways to install the water system in the camper.

The simplest water system comes with a 12V submersible water pump driven. This pump system is placed directly in the tank and the fresh water hose and the power cable via a tank penetration led to the fitting. To actuate the pump, a water tap is usually integrated micro switch used. It is also possible to operate the pump via a separate external switch.


This variant is inexpensive, although the selection of taps is partially limited. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that the pump is in use does not run dryto avoid damage. 

The pressure water pump is technically robust and ensures a water pressure like at home. The pump is started by an external switch, after which the desired pressure is built up in the water system. Now all you have to do is turn on the tap and let the water flow.


Installing a pressurized water system has the advantage that fundamentally no restrictions when selecting the fitting. In addition, branches can also be integrated, for example to combine the same system with different water extraction points: Water in the bathroom, water in the kitchen and water in the stern shower – all with a pressure water pump.

Lily pressure water pump
Classic full expansion VW T6.1


On a road trip, on the beach or after a mountain tour. There is nothing nicer than going to bed freshly showered. Cold showers are also healthy!

Especially with smaller vans and panel vans, there is not always room in the vehicle to integrate a wet room into the camper extension. In addition, the wet room with poor ventilation there is a risk of mold growth and even in winter it is not easy humidity to get out of the vehicle.


If you still don't want to do without a shower, this is for you stern shower the perfect solution. In combination with a pressurized water system the kitchenette and the shower can be operated via a fresh water tank, so that additional technology is not necessary.

Is there enough space or do you just want it? regardless of location shower, a shower can also be installed in the camper in the form of a wet cell or in an alternative form. A waste water tank is necessary here. 

For small campers, the integration of hot water is one question of placewho is always in want. However, there are practical alternatives to the hot water system that ensure pleasant water temperatures when showering, at least in good weather.


Possibilities here are flexible solar showers or permanently installed on the roof solar thermal heated water tanks.


You don't have to be ashamed of warm showers and nobody has to do without them in the camper.

the boiler capacity is variable between 6 L and 10 L, whereby the space requirement and the weight of > 12 kg cannot be ignored.


With the 6 L boiler with 80°C hot water, mixed to 40°C, you can shower a good 10 liters of warm water. Who mixes sparingly, he definitely takes a shower for two.

When the auxiliary air heater is running, the water in the boiler without additional power consumption be brought up to temperature.


For this purpose, the boiler is built directly behind the auxiliary heating, in a series connection. the warm exhaust air The heating flows through the boiler and the water in the boiler is warmed up by means of a heat exchanger.

Is it summery warm and you don't want to heat the environment, the sun is perpendicular to the solar panel or you have access to shore power, so you can alternatively operate the boiler with electricity.


The ones in the boiler integrated heating cartridge runs at 500 W, for example, runs at 230 volts. There are already 12 V variants that have an output of 200 W.