furniture making



Furniture construction is probably the most complex part of a camper van conversion. A lot of planning and creative ideas are required to functional or offroad-suitable and at the same time beautiful Making furniture.


We also pay attention to a clean look - even where you can't see it, high-quality materials and everyday usability without sacrificing sophisticated features.

Individual furniture construction requires not only great craftsmanship, but also inventiveness. In the camper, no wall is straight. Everything has special measure. As light as possible, as heavy as necessary, is the motto.  


We work multidisciplinary and offer everything from a single source. The selection of the right material, the choice of the best processing method and the conclusion with perfect finish

Our individual camper conversions fit into any vehicle, young or old. Short or long. Large or small.


We receive every vehicle brand with us in the workshop. VW, Mercedes, Fiat, Renault, Opel, Dacia, Peugeot, Citroen, Iveco...all are welcome!

Living space in the 50 Shades
Noble oak veneer in the camper


Wood is a wonderful material. Good to work with and For every taste there is something for everyone. Whether in natural, stained, lacquered or simply oiled.


We work with different Wood typesbecause each has its own special area of application. Hard and robust: birch. Light and covered with laminate: Poplar. Noble and forever: solid oak. 


You have a very special request? We also veneer ourselves in our manufactory, so there are no limits to any ideas.

Aluminium plug and Composites is the puzzle's solution for camper conversions with a focus on lightness and robust construction. Everything that is needed, for example, for use in the Off-road-area needs!

In combination with Plastic hinges or variable joint connectors, there are no limits to the imagination. The range offers something for just about every geometric form a corresponding component.


Although wood is a natural material, it is also sensitive to external influences due to its processing. Be humidity or mechanical impact. In order to enjoy the camping furniture for a long time, it therefore needs a Protection.


We use special Furniture oils and waxesto close the open-pored material wood. On the one hand, we are interested in the water repellency important and, on the other hand, we attach great velvety Haptics worth just as much.


In contrast to varnish, the oil and wax soak into the wood and thus give a Protection from the insideinstead of forming a barrier layer like the lacquer. With oiled wooden elements, you are therefore in direct contact with the wood and the oil gives the workpiece a clearer colour.

For those who prefer it colourful, the only way to help is with colour pigments. These are available in the form of varnish, glaze and stain.

Opaque colour lacquered Wood is lacquered over the entire surface and evenly in the desired colour. In principle, all RAL colours and also special colours according to sample are possible. After lacquering, the actual wood is no longer visible.


Glazes penetrate into the wood and thus protect it from the inside. They are available in versions for interior and exterior use as well as in numerous shades available. The pigments and fillers contained in the coating materials are primarily responsible for the colour appearance of paints and glazes. Glazes contain significantly less of these solids and are therefore translucent.


Stain penetrates deep into the wood structure and gives it a new colour. This does not protect the wood, so that a clear varnish coating must be applied. natural wood grain is preserved. 

Solid wood is beautiful, but it also has its downsides. Depending on the compound, whether lamellae or as a Three-layer panelSolid wood can be sensitive to the climate and, in the course of its life as a camper, it can be work


One solution to this is the use of plywood panels, which can also be used as a Multiplex are known. Through the mutual gluing of thin-layer veneers, so that the grain directions of successive layers run at right angles to each other, the wood veneers lock in their Movement behaviour off each other. Plywood it is!


We use Veneered plywoods for our side panels and also veneer them ourselves in our manufactory. 

In order to create robust and decorative surfaces, there is the possibility to treat wood with Laminates to lay. These are laminates that are made from the High-pressure pressing of several layers of paper with hardening synthetic resin. The surface is covered with a protective film of melamine resin. The high pressing pressure creates a closed, pore-free surfacethat can withstand just about any load.


The surface is as variable as the Décor selection. From Fine Hammer Finish, to Ultra Gloss, to Anti-Fingerprint. We offer a wide range of options by covering the furniture at our premises.