In this project we covered the interior with felt and fine oak wood. A skylight and a window were installed, and a dimmable ceiling light was integrated.


The button in the tailgate can now be used to open it from the interior. The original Ford luggage compartment lighting can be switched off with a switch. So it's ready for everyday use and doesn't bother you when you're sleeping in the van.


Before: Ford Transit Custom L1H1

Afterward: Comfortable basic construction for a camper

  • isolation of the vehicle
  • Interior lining made of felt and oak wood
  • lighting concept 
  • Retrofitting switches for original lighting and tailgate
  • Side pop-up window & roof hatch
  • Installation of airliner rails
Windows for sufficient fresh air supply in the living area
Switch to switch off the original luggage compartment lighting
Interior paneling in anthracite
Oak wood ceiling with recessed LED spots and airliner rails
Button for interior light on the sliding door with dimming function
Retrofitted button to open the tailgate from the interior