Retrofitting water with washbasin in the VW T4


We are happy to support DIY builders with partial projects, such as retrofitting water in the camper. If you want to have fresh water in your camper, you also need a waste water tank, according to the road traffic licensing office. So we safely stowed two tanks and installed an elegant countertop washbasin with tap. The submersible water pump is very suitable for small water tanks and can be operated with a switch.


Before: DIY camper without water

Afterward: Camper with running water

  • Transport-secured fresh and waste water canisters with 16 L each
  • Countertop washbasin with chrome steel tap
  • Electrical connection of submersible water pump with watertight switch
DIY Camper extension from customers
A lavabo in the camper is more practical than you think, especially if you are on the road for a longer time.
Fresh and waste water tank with 12 L, powerful submersible water pump and separate switch
Depending on the expansion, a swivel bracket is also required - including approval and entry in the vehicle registration document

Submersible pump or pressure water pump in the camper?

Water pumps have their strengths and weaknesses depending on the camper's layout and use. We will be happy to advise you on your special project and also offer individual tank construction so that no space in the camper is wasted. Outdoor shower and hot water? No problem either. Just write to us and we will suggest the right solution for the water system in your camper!