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Pandora Camper V3

The Pandora Camper System offers a wide range of safety, service and anti-hi-jacking features. The system offers complete control over the vehicle by reading the statuses from the CAN bus. With an integrated GPS receiver, you can locate your car at any time. In addition to an Ultra 4G GSM modem, which is necessary for a constant connection between the vehicle owner and the camper, the Camper Mini is equipped with the 868 MHz transceiver with LoRa modulation. This technology offers a reliable connection even in dead spots, i.e. without mobile network coverage. 

Base unit


Thanks to an integrated GPS / GLONASS receiver, you can always get information about your vehicle location and trips, as well as the history of georeferenced events.


The BLUETOOTH 5.0 protocol supports a mobile phone and all our additional Bluetooth devices.


An integrated and highly sensitive 3D accelerometer and sophisticated algorithms allow the system to control the vehicle's shock/tilt/movement safety zones and perform engine blocking when movement is started. It offers reliable and intelligent protection in the event of theft and accidents. With expert sensor configuration, false alarms can be effectively reduced.



A redundant security system has been created with the Bluetooth transponder. Of course, the transponder should not be carried on the bunch of keys, because the immobilizer can only be unlocked and the vehicle driven with a combination of the transponder and vehicle keys. Alternatively, the smartphone or the Pandora watch can be used as a transponder.




The system can be monitored, configured and controlled with the GPRS connection and the app for smartphones and smartwatches. All warning and service messages are displayed on the respective device via push notifications. In addition, the system can also be operated by phone call or SMS.

Pandora R-465BT


The ergonomic Bluetooth remote control with high-contrast OLED display, status LED and large control buttons offers all the necessary status information and convenient control of the system and the vehicle. It is equipped with a long-lasting LiPo battery and a micro USB port for charging.

Wireless sensor

With these Bluetooth battery sensors, protection has been doubled, especially for camping vehicles. The vehicle is monitored at all times by integrated and optional motion and shock sensors.

The additional sensors are wireless and inform by push message as soon as they are moved. In this way, additional roof boxes or doors/windows can be secured on the camper.

More functions


 Secure 24/7! Even if you stay overnight in the camper, safety systems can be selectively activated. With the "Stay Home" mode, you can move freely in the vehicle while the outside area is reliably protected. Optional sensors such as detectors for propane, CO2 or sleeping gas enable the safety level to be increased. If necessary, nosy neighbors can also be greeted by manually arming the system.


The system offers the right connection for controlling original or additional engine heaters.

Optional accessories


With this sensor, the interior and movements around the car can be monitored. It has two individually adjustable alarm levels. In the first stage, a chirp and a notification are sent to the remote control and smartphone. The second stage triggers an alarm. 

Bluetooth siren

The siren only requires power provided by the vehicle battery and is paired with the base unit. This means that it can be positioned anywhere in the vehicle and thus enables concealed installation. In addition, the Bluetooth siren has a temperature sensor and a buffer battery to ensure functionality even if the vehicle battery is disconnected.