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A super small and waterproof alarm system for motorcycles and quads. 

The alarm system

Pandora Smart Moto base unit
Base unit

Integrated back-up battery

The built-in Li-Po battery can extend the system's operating time to notify the owner immediately in the event of an unauthorized interruption to the onboard power supply.


An integrated 3D accelerometer allows the system to monitor the motorcycle's shock/tilt/movement safety zones and trigger an engine stall and send a push notification to a smartphone in the event of unauthorized movement of the motorcycle.


An additional and invisible immobilizer can be implemented with a Bluetooth transponder and micro-relay. Of course, the transponder should not be carried on the bunch of keys, because the immobilizer can only be unlocked and the vehicle driven with a combination of the transponder and vehicle keys.

Transponder and app


The system can be monitored, configured and controlled with the GPRS connection and the app for smartphones and smartwatches. All warning and service messages are displayed on the respective device via push notifications. In addition, the system can also be operated by phone call or SMS.


The base unit has a stable wireless connection with which a large number of peripheral devices (radio transponders, mobile phones and additional devices) can be connected with a large range.

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