The interior paneling made of plastic, under which there was hardly any insulation, and a folding bed that was too short, both ex works, received a modern and high-quality make-over from us. The Fiat Ducato has been insulated in the entire rear area. The side walls, ceiling, rear and sliding doors were covered with silver felt. In addition, the plastic paneling of an existing window in the living area was upgraded with a wooden frame. In the bathroom, the Fiat Ducato received a lavabo upgrade.


Before: Fiat Ducato L3H3

Afterward: Stylishly renewed camper inner space

  • Isolation
  • Interior lining made of felt and wood
  • Felting the rear and side doors
  • Renewal of window frames
  • Modular bed construction for sleeping lengths > 200 cm while retaining the existing wardrobes
  • Replacement sink with sliding function
Fiat Ducato update
Initial situation in the rear area after the customer has removed the plastic paneling
Fiat Ducato update
Interior lining renewed including ceiling
Fiat Ducato update
Initial situation toilet
Fiat Ducato update
New elegant stainless steel washbasin
Camper Fiat Ducato side panel
Plastic paneling over sliding door
Fiat Ducato felted
Felt optimizes the look
Fiat Ducato Camper Barely Insulated
Lack of insulation, furniture finish not visually appealing
Felted Fiat Ducato Camper
Upgrade: insulation, felt lining, end strips
Bed construction Fiat Ducato transverse
New bed with sleeping length >200 cm instead of <190 cm
Vanlife with Fiat Ducato Camper Empire