Gurtbock, pilot seats or sleeping bench for the camper

Gurtbock, pilot seats or sleeping bench for the camper

Retrofit seats? No problem. Because the basic idea behind many conversion projects is to go from a van with only one row of seats to a motorhome with the desired number of seats. Or maybe when you bought the motorhome there were still two of you and now you want to take the kids along too. The space requirements differ from camper to camper and this also applies for the Seat requirement. Since the nature of the van lies in the transport of large loads and not so much in the transport of people, one has to be content with two to three seats at the beginning of the extension. If you need more seats, you will seldom get round a Retrofitting of approved seats around in the second row of seats.



More seats in the camper?

As far as "more" seats in the camper are concerned, first and foremost you have to make a fundamental decision. Should the seats accommodate persons on the road or would you like to Use space flexibly and be able to convert the seating into a place to sleep. Both are possible!


Option 1: the pilot seat or two of them at once


the second row of seats in the vehicle may or may not always be connected with the camper extension. So if you want to use the Focus on ride comfort is the one with the Pilot seats well served. There is the option of installing these seats individually or in a double. The mounting options vary between fixed mounted or on railsto have the possibility to vary the seat position. As far as the position in the vehicle is concerned, this is either strictly predetermined by the manufacturer or can be selected depending on the anchorage possibilities in the vehicle body.

Pilot seats in the camper or van
The pilot seat is available individually or as a double

The two pilot seats can be adjusted in many ways: the Backrest can backward inclined the seat position can be moved backwards and forwards, and the Seats pulled apart for more distance. 


Option 2: the belt buck


Of the 3-point belt support is the rudimentary variant of the second row of seats. Either with seat cushions ex works or for do-it-yourself construction, there are various equipment options here. Preferably, the seatbelt option is used if one wants to create seating with the driver's seat and passenger seat. For this purpose, the seats of the driver's cabin are rotatable and the Seat height of the belt support will be adapted accordingly to these adapted. With a matching table, you can now dine comfortably with four people. 

Belt support with or without cushion
The belt support is available with or without padding for DIY upholstering.

The belt buck may not be as comfortable compared to the pilot seats, but it offers more design and integration possibilities into the overall concept of the camper. The belt support is mounted either on rails that can be moved or fixed on a mounting plate.


Option 3: the sleeping bench


The common sleeping benches differ mainly in the Folding mechanism and the seat or reclining height. The height makes it possible to extend the plenty of storage space under the seat frame to create. The sleeping bench can also be fixed or slide on rails. To increase sleeping comfort, an adapted sleeping pad is a good idea. Depending on the camper's layout, you can choose sleeping benches between 110 cm, 120 cm, 130 cm and 150 cm wide with two to three seats schedule.

Headroom in the camper is comfortable
Three seats with Isofix
Sleeps four people or 2 adults and 3 children
Sleeping width of 150 cm

Sleeper seats are offered by many manufacturers, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Above all, however, with the small box wagons, such as the VW T6 or Ford Transit Custom, the sleeping bench can be a practical Solution for the camper extension be created.

Additional options:


The configuration of Isofix is not a problem with the pilot seat, the belt support and the sleeper seat bench, which is especially Travelling with small children is important for the attachment of the child seat. 


Armrests may not be in focus at first, but they bring a high level of comfort to the individual seats. Ride comfort. Depending on the design of the seat and bench, they are thus included as standard or can be additionally configured.

Swivel consoles for more space in the camper
More space in the camper with swivel consoles

Swivels are equally as the seats and sleeper benches subject to registration and are due to the homologation vehicle-specific. Depending on the layout of the camper, it may make sense to fit offset rotating consoles so that the driver's and passenger's seats are closer together when rotated.


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