Self-sufficient with solar in the camper VW T5


If you have manual skills for a solid interior design of the camper, you may only need support with the electrics and upgrading to a higher degree of self-sufficiency with solar. With the VW Transporter, you can mount the solar panel on the roof, comparable to the California, with the help of an aluminum sheet constructed by us without drilling or gluing. The cable routing to the driver's seat is hidden in the vehicle pillars and under the interior paneling


Before: VW T5 DIY camper

Afterward: Self-sufficient with electricity from solar

  • 120 W solar power
  • Victron MPPT Charge Controller 15A
  • Assembly without drilling
  • Hidden cable routing
  • Retrofitting further panels is possible without any problems
Retrofitting the solar in the camper requires some skill and the right components
Retrofitting the solar in the camper requires some skill and the right components (e.g. Victron)
DIY expansion for a customer, Integration Solar was carried out by Camper Imperium
DIY conversion of a customer, integration solar was carried out by the Camper Imperium in the vehicle pillars / under the paneling

Would you like to retrofit solar yourself?

We offer high-quality complete sets for retrofitting solar panels. For the VW California with a pop-up roof you will receive a ready-made spiral cable and a suitable fastening plate, for the VW Transporter T5 and T6 as well, although no spiral cable is required. Take a look at our online shop!

On request, we can also produce aluminum sheets for other vehicle types such as Mercedes Sprinter, Renault Master or Ford Transit (and many more). Would you like your very own desired color? We coat our sheets in all RAL colors!