travel destinations in winter

travel destinations in winter

When you think of holidays or vacations in winter, you usually have images of full ski slopes or cross-country ski trails in your head. But hardly a bathing holiday in winter! and ski vacation Combining it with camping is definitely an excellent idea. But what to do if you're more of a winter muffle? We have a few winter travel destinations for you!

The snow can't harm Big in Japan

Winter can also be different than just snow

Winter is beautiful when thick snowflakes fall from the sky or the sun shines over the powdery snow. But the days are short, the temperatures cold and worse when the dingy weather comes along as wet and cold. There's only one thing that can help: wake up the camper or mobile home from hibernation (or don't even winterize it in the first place) and get away from the gray of everyday life.

Three tips on how to get through the winter time with your livable base.

Carnival celebrations can also be done with a Mediterranean flair Carnival in Venice.


Should it be something quiet and relaxed? Fall asleep to the sound of the sea? Then recommend a few Beach walks on the coast of Catalonia.


Panoramic coastal road, magical nature and bright blue water? This is also available in Croatia in winter! And when it gets too cold, there's only one of the many places to help hot springs of Croatia to jump.

1. To the carnival in Venice

When you think of a classic winter escape, you quickly think of warm and sunny places that make you quickly forget the winter at home. But in the winter holiday season, or rather February, it's worth wrapping up warm and going to Venice! It is relatively mild due to its location by the sea and the carnival is definitely a must-see spectacle. Because while in the main season the Venetian masks can only be bought in the souvenir shop, at the Carnevale di Venezia tons of masked and disguised folklorists inspire the visitors

Carnival in Venice
Colorful carnival activities in winter
Beautiful mask art
The art of makeup

pomp and parade

Without destroying an illusion now, but most of the people in costume aren't Venetians (anymore). They are performers, carnival enthusiasts, actors and event tourists. But it's still nice to look at! Especially if you set yourself the task of finding all the characters of the Italian commedia dell'arte, in line with tradition. The clever Colombina, the witty servant Brighella or the strutting Capitano. Finally, the best, the most traditional and also the most original costumes will be chosen. A feast for the eyes!

Venice is always beautiful to look at
Lido or Jesolo?
Wintry silence over the gondolas of Venice

The calm before the storm

Sure, Venice is well attended during Carnival and at St. Mark's Square you have to push your way through the crowds here and there. But when the carnival or the winter holiday season is coming to an end, things get quieter in the city again. It can happen that you are all alone on St. Mark's Square and the musicians from Caffé Florian play just for you!

Campsites around Venice

San Giuliano Venice: This winter campsite offers the essentials without a lot of frills, but what more do you need? Warm showers and only 10 minutes by bus from the old town.

Another exciting option for winter campers is to drive to Punta Sabbioni via the Lido di Jesolo and there one of the many campsites, such as the 5-star camping Marina di Venice, one Agricampeggio Al Bateo or the kid-friendly one Dei Fiori Campingto visit. From there you can take the vaporetto to Venice stress-free and in the manner of a sailor.

Verona for lovers
Love letters for Giulietta

Interesting places for further excursions in Veneto

Probably the most tragic love story in the world took place not far from Venice: Romeo and Juliet! In Verona Of course, Julia's supposed house, Casa Capuleti, has to be visited. One finds the balcony where the tragedy took place and an image of Juliet punctuates the image. By the way, love letters to Julia are dated Club di Giulietta answered!

If that ends up being too cheesy for you, you can taste the tastiest aperitifs in Italy on the Ponte Vecchia in Bassano del Grappa and enjoy yourself in the entire Valdobiaddene region Prosecco treat.

The coasts of Spain in winter
Camping by the sea
Spain's beautiful coasts invite you to camp

2. Destinations in southern Europe for winter camping

Is the winter too dull for you and the sun too shy in the north? Then we have other ideas for the winter holidays. How about flamenco and tapas in Spain? Not only does the Mediterranean flair greet you after you have passed the Pyrenees, but the thermometer jumps up. The temperature excess that is almost unbearable in the summer comes in handy in the winter months.

Along the coasts of Catalonia

Those who don't want to drive too far will find the perfect conditions for camping on the Catalonian Mediterranean coast. A special feature of winter camping in the most popular vacation spots is namely: empty beaches, traffic jam-free streets and hardly any crowds at the tourist attractions in and around the cities worth visiting. While the rough Costa Brava (the wild one) is less suitable for water sports due to its treacherous land winds, the Tramuntana, it is worth visiting the Salvador Dalì Museum definitely in Figueres!

Las Ramblas in winter
Las Ramblas is always busy
Beach walks in winter time
and the Costa Brava promises beautiful sunsets!

Barcelona is always a good idea

Further south is the Maresme Watt coast, which is bordered by a mountain range from the interior and thus has only a narrow coastal strip. Nevertheless, there are many sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages with a long tradition here like sand on the sea! Another plus: due to the mountain ranges, the coastal stretch is protected from the north winds and after Barcelona it's only a stone's throw away.

Golden Coast

As the name suggests, this stretch of Catalonia coast is literally golden. While it is rough and rocky further north at Cap de Creus, fine-grained and gently sloping sandy beaches greet you on the Costa Daurada. Even if the winter months are not necessarily suitable for extensive bathing tourism, this is still the ideal place for long walks on the beach. Definitely barefoot in sunny weather!

Tappas for a culinary delight
Tappas are a treat for the palate

City trip for a cultural experience and culinary excursions

After all, winter is beautiful when thick snowflakes fall from the sky or when the sun is shining. Starting with the capital of Spain, Madrid, which is certainly just as good, if not better, for strolling in winter. Fewer visitors, empty museums and t-shirt weather on sunny days. Strolls through elegant boulevards and well-kept parks are twice as much fun. The Museo des Prado, with works by Velásquez and Goya, is also not to be missed when visiting the city. A Paseo por la Noche, i.e. a night walk, is particularly recommended for night owls, because the illuminated old town with its numerous monuments is not only beautiful to look at, but you also meet local Madrileños, who swarm out in the bars and cafés at night.

Kiting goes perfectly with camping
Kiting or skiing can be combined with camping
Pyrenees are also beautiful in winter

Surfing in winter and skiing not in the Alps

Yes, exactly, surfing and kiting while building the snowman at home! At the southernmost point of the Iberian island on the beaches of Tarifa is possible. The right wind is guaranteed! From this place with an oriental touch, it is not far to the British overseas territory of Gibraltar or a stone's throw away from the African continent. How about to variety with some tajine with couscous in the evening and beghrir with honey for breakfast?


Those who prefer to have their water in solid form can sometimes find wonderful skiing fun at the other end of Spain. The areas around Cerler, Masella or Formigal Panticosa are particularly beautiful. Or would you rather explore one of the three ski areas in the dwarf state of Andorra?

3. east coast of the Adriatic

I admit Croatia in summer is not my thing. The narrow strip of coast is packed with bathing holidaymakers, while the heat makes your brains boil. But Croatia in winter? This is great for your next camping holiday!

Plitvice Lake in the fog
Mystical wafts of mist in Plitvice National Park
Adriatic coast beautiful in every season
Spring fever in winter on the Adriatic

The hottest brine in Europe

Jumping into a hot spring in the Adriatic summer takes a lot of motivation. But in the cooler season, a visit to a thermal bath fits like a glove. The spa town is in the very east of Croatia, almost on the Serbian border Bizovačke toplice worth a trip. Be it to enjoy the soothing thermal water or to get everything out with the whole family in the Aquapolis with 11 pools, a restaurant and a mega slide. On the way back you can still see Zagreb?

Istria offers more than just Pula

The economic and cultural center is Pula, but thermal springs emerging from steep limestone cliffs can only be found in the north: Istarske Toplice. The health resort is the right place for relaxation and deceleration. In the wellness area you can let yourself be pampered with various massages and extensive sauna sessions, while in the thermal bath there is also the opportunity to bathe in healing water and get healing fango according to an old recipe.

Hot springs in Istria
Many hot springs in northern Croatia
Plitvice with a difference
In winter, Plitvice is also worth a visit

Plitvice Lakes with a difference

If all this is too much splashing around for you, you have the opportunity to experience Croatia's breathtaking national park in winter - without the crowds. The winter magic here is magical with frozen waterfalls and the breathtaking nature that has now come to rest brings calm to the body and mind. There are enough campsites to choose from around the national park, which leave nothing to be desired. That promises five stars in the rhythm of nature Camping Plitvice. If you like it really rudimentary and can do without any luxury, but want to get closer to the country and its people, you can do it in the backyard Camping by Vivi try!

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