Weekend: Short camper trip - is it worth it?

Weekend: Camper short trip - is it worth it?

You don't always have to take a holiday to go on holiday

I'm probably not the only one who can tell you a thing or two about the fact that there simply aren't enough holiday days in a year. And I also complain regularly that the weekend is simply far too short. It's almost worth going away...or on a short camper trip? Clear answer: yes, definitely!

Uncomplicated, flexible and sometimes saves hard cash

Not on a weekend, but after a week's holiday in Andalusia with a rental car and daily hopping from guesthouse to hotel and flat, I was really tired of it. Looking for a hotel, booking at short notice at an overpriced rate, check-in, luggage in, unpacking, packing, lugging luggage back into the car, checking out, driving on. Never again without a camper. Because in the small flat on four wheels you have everything with you, from bed to kitchen, clothes to sports equipment.

A road trip can't always be planned out, because when you discover a Ferris wheel, everything else is forgotten!

Fill up with fresh air

Nowadays, we spend more and more time indoors, literally indoors, which, thanks to good air conditioning and modern air filters, presumably provide perfect air quality. But imagine that we have just had a short summer shower and now the sun is shining through the light foliage of a green mixed forest. The ground is steaming and the birds are singing their songs while rustling in the undergrowth. You take a deep breath. Can you smell it too? This fresh air is like a balm for the soul. Since you spend most of your time outdoors when camping, the healthy fresh air supply comes naturally.

Deceleration is sometimes necessary

Chasing the sun

Another advantage of travelling with a camper is the flexibility. Even though we humans are not always so spontaneous, the weather sometimes is. Is it raining at the weekend on Lake Lucerne? Then you drive towards the sun and simply refuel your vitamin D at Lake Geneva!

Northern traffic jam? Then let's go to Ticino!

Road trip and feeling of freedom

When we set off on a Weekender, the holiday feeling captures us as we climb into the camper. Put your feet up, put on some relaxing music and watch the world go by in the window. After all, the journey is sometimes the destination, isn't it? Especially when you're stuck in a traffic jam outside the Gotthard tunnel! Then you just reach for a cold drink in the fridge, roll down the windows (figuratively speaking) and just chill. Then you don't drive through the tunnel, but over the mountain and enjoy the sunset at the top of the pass, because luckily you have your bed with you!

The most valuable thing in our time is the feeling of freedom

Digital Detox

We spend a lot of time on our mobile phones, iPads and computers. My mobile phone even gives me a weekly report on how much time I've wasted with which app. And yes, maybe we really can't do without it any more. Nobody wants to do without GoogleMaps. But a short break from the constant looking, swiping, pinning and liking never hurt anyone. Especially when you're travelling a little further away from civilisation, sometimes there's neither Wi-Fi nor a network. But certainly a better connection. To yourself, to nature, to your companion and possibly to the important things in life. When was the last time you read a book?

Less is more. The main thing is that your stomach doesn't growl.

After-work holidays

Who doesn't know the Friday euphoria? Almost everyone in the office is in a good mood today, from noon onwards the off-topic chit-chat increases steadily and the question arises whether to go weekly shopping today or rather on Saturday in the morning. How about this instead: get into the camper, sit on Lake Maggiore two hours later and drink a Spritz Aperol? Or the after-work beer is already cooling in the camper fridge and you drive to the hikers' car park in the evening to be on the mountain before sunrise the next day?

Yay, yay, yay - action combined with relaxation!

Just a little hygge in everyday life

Hygge is an essential part of the Danish philosophy of life. It means cosiness, a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with people you care about. And escaping from everyday life can contribute a lot to your well-being. Be it because you finally have time to enjoy your one-pot meal from the camping gas cooker, or be it because you can finally look at the stars again, snuggled up in a warm blanket with the rear door open, or be it because you finally find a moment of inner peace away from your usual surroundings and to-do lists to read a book or write a letter. Hygge, after all.

Try cosiness, try peace and quiet....

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